Leadership Talent Review

A high-touch, high impact approach

Having the right talent in place is critical to achieving business success. But in many companies the talent management and succession processes are not getting the traction they need.

Insight’s Leadership Talent Review (LTR) takes senior executives through a robust process to help them build the talent they need to achieve their business goals. Our process goes beyond assessments that read like shades of grey, polite talent presentations, and succession plans that don’t end up influencing actual people moves.

Instead, our highly interactive approach will help your senior executives articulate gut feelings, reframe perceptions, and draw meaning from day-to-day observations. We will help you grapple with difficult issues and think through solutions to long standing people problems.

Each individual reviewed will:

  • Know where they stand on performance and potential
  • Appreciate being acknowledged for their contributions
  • Receive meaningful feedback on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand how their career might unfold in the organization

Each executive reviewer will:

  • Put action plans in motion for each individual and position
  • Gain confidence in the assessments and career advice they provide
  • Develop their talent mindset and hone their talent judgment
  • Build a team that can deliver the business results they need

The organization will:

  • Optimize the development of high potential people across the organization
  • Deal with low performers and ensure strong performers are retained
  • Explore succession scenarios for key leadership roles
  • Hold leaders accountable for talent management
  • Build a culture of high performance and transparency

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