Leadership Talent Review

5 Step Process


Insight works with the CEO and head of HR to decide which positions to review and who should participate in the LTR discussions. We prepare a set of tools tailored to your organization’s needs and set you up on our exclusive LTR Portal. These activities set the stage for the LTR process to begin.

Educate Participants
We take time to educate participants about the principles of talent management to create a collaborative open atmosphere and give meaning to the process that is about to occur.

Draft Assessments
Insight advisors work one-on-one with executives to help them clarify their thoughts and draft initial assessments for each of their direct reports. These assessments provide the fuel for the next step.

Deep Discussion
The leadership team discusses each individual in-depth. It’s here that new perspectives are developed, possibilities are explored, sticky issues get resolved, and concrete action plans emerge.

Craft Feedback
Insight advisors provide one-on-one support to the executives to craft a feedback memo and prepare for candid discussions with each of their people, regarding that individual’s performance and potential for growth.

Big Picture
The leadership team regroups to look at the overall talent pool relative to business performance imperatives. Here too, succession options for the most senior executive roles are considered, and a chessboard of possible moves is planned.