“While discussing each of our executives, our talent advisor offered really sound advice and I was amazed by the specificity of her questions, especially those she put to our CEO.”
Senior Vice-President, People


“The talent advisor challenged our evaluations of executives to ensure they were consistent with the agreed upon criteria.”
President and CEO


“The process fostered dialogue between me and a couple of other SVPs whom I have had some tension with. Yes, it was awkward, but also extremely beneficial.”
Development Executive


“This process forced us to deal with issues that we knew were there but were avoiding.”
Finance Executive


“We were so satisfied with the talent review work Helen did at the Board level, that we adopted it for all of our VPs – and now the VPs are using the same process for the next level down.”


“The Insight talent advisor was critical in helping me prepare for the discussion. Some of the other executives may not agree with me on action plans, but now they will understand the rationale.”
Finance Executive


“You never get real feedback from your peers on your direct reports. In this process you really do.”
Development Executive


“The talent review is the stuff that has to happen – it is the most important thing we are doing, and it is a good use of my time.”
Executive Vice President, Operations


“The LTR process has had huge impact and was very productive. The future of our company depends on the people we are reviewing. We know this, but haven’t done a very good job at evaluating and developing people on our own in the past.”


“The Insight advisor helped me gain a better understanding of how to really assess talent and she taught me how to get to the root cause of a situation.”
Senior Vice-President, Human Resources


“The process provided clarity and removed bias. I would like to see it go one level deeper into the organization.”
Operations Executive


“I was apprehensive about this process, but it has been a great experience. This is more thorough than anything we did before. It was great having the outside consultant to help me get ready.”
Development Executive


“What I really liked is how our talent advisors helped us tailor development plans for each individual, and really helped us take them to the next level.”