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Ivey Business Journal


Talent Management: A Critical Part of Every Leader’s Job

Addressed to senior executives, the article describes the actions they should take to influence the quality of talent – and the talent management process – deep in their organizations. Read More….


Harvard Business Review


A New Game Plan for C Players

This article tackles the difficult issue of low performers in management roles. It addresses the practical and moral imperatives for doing so, the barriers leaders face, and the actions leaders should take to deal decisively and fairly with low performers. Read More….


The War for Talent

In this book Helen Handfield-Jones and her co-authors argue that winning the war for leadership talent is about much more than frenzied recruiting tactics. It’s about the timeless principles of attracting, developing and retaining highly talented managers – applied in bold new ways. And it’s about recognizing the strategic importance of human capital because of the enormous value that better talent creates.

Read More…


Soundview Executive Book Summary


The War for Talent

This is an excellent summary of the book, presenting all the key ideas in a succinct overview. Read More….


Chapter 5 – Workforce Wake-Up Call book


Cutting Through the Fog

Published as a chapter of a book, this piece explores the differences in the demand and supply factors affecting different types of talent. It makes the point that organizations need to deploy very different talent strategies for the different types of talent. Read More….


The McKinsey Quarterly


The War for Talent

This article presents the key findings from the groundbreaking War for Talent research. It starts by making the case for why building a strong talent pool is becoming a critical factor in companies’ success. Then it highlights the key things a company needs to do to win the war for talent. Read More….


The McKinsey Quarterly


The War for Talent Part 2

This article highlights findings from McKinsey’s second round of War for Talent research. It shows the impact that better talent has on company performance. And it shows that despite the growing awareness about the war for talent, most companies are not making sufficient progress on some key talent-building levers. Read More….